The Shri Guru Ravidass Temple humbly invites the Rio Linda and Elverta community to join them on Sunday, March 8th, 2020 for the 20th Annual Mahan Nagar Kirtan Sikh Parade in Celebration of the 643rd Prakash Purab of Satguru Ravidass Jee Maharaj.

The parade will take place on the streets of Rio Linda, beginning and ending at the Shri Guru Ravidass Temple at 6221 16th Street.

Nagar Kirtan is a Sikh custom involving the processional singing of holy hymns throughout a community. Traditionally, the procession is led by the saffron-robed Panj Piare (the five beloved of the Guru), who are followed by the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy Sikh scripture, which is placed on a float. Many cover their heads and don saffron or orange colored robes. The road before the procession is cleared by Sewadars. Bystanders bow their heads to the scripture. Food may be provided to them from floats that follow the Scripture or from stationary points near the vicinity of the procession. The procession concludes at the Gurudwara with Ardas (prayer).


The parade route typically runs from the temple on 16th street to Elkhorn Blvd, to Dry Creek Road, to G Street and back to the temple on 16th.