A Graduation Message from Dr. Steve Martinez.

May 28, 2021

To Staff and the Twin Rivers School Community,

Typically at this time of year, I share a celebratory message with the members of our graduating class. Given that this last year has been far from typical, and recognizing that the graduates in both the 2020 and 2021 school years persevered in spite of remarkable challenges, I want to share with our entire school community my heartfelt message of congratulations to all the graduates we are celebrating.

High School Graduates, You have all heard the expression that a person’s true strength is revealed when they face obstacles which, at the time, may seem unbelievable, even insurmountable.

Graduating from high school during a pandemic, when people throughout the world were asked to move all work, and in your case learning, to their home, gives you the bragging rights to describe yourselves as indefatigable, resilient, tenacious, and goal-oriented.

The past few months serve as a brilliant reminder that we cannot always predict what tomorrow will bring. We cannot always forecast the many twists and turns that may be required to conquer the challenges we face. When you were so close to high school graduation, you found yourselves thrown the ultimate curveball; yet you stayed the course. You proved to yourselves, your families, and our entire school community that you have what it takes to overcome the unpredictable, the unanticipated, and the unexpected.

That you can be flexible while remaining vigilantly focused on a goal tells me that you have what it takes to achieve success in our ever-changing world.

I encourage each and every one of you to move forward from your graduation ceremony ready to describe yourself to a college recruiter, a future employer, or a co-worker as a person who can face twists, turns, surprises, and challenges with confidence, optimism, and a can-do spirit. After all, you are members of the graduating classes that stayed in school and earned your high school
diploma in spite of the pandemic turning your world upside down.

As I see it, you are impressive, inspirational, and now empowered with a high school diploma. I have complete faith that your proven strength and accomplishments will bring you success and joy in life.

Congratulations graduates. You make us all so very proud!

With deep respect,
Steve Martinez, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Twin Rivers Unified

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