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The Rio Linda Messenger is a news organization dedicated to delivering reliable, relevant, and timely coverage of Rio Linda, Elverta, and the nearby communities of North Highlands, Natomas, Robla, and Pleasant Grove.

Rio Linda Messenger is the most prolific local news operation in the Rio Linda/Elverta area. Since 2009 we’ve published nearly 1,500 stories on Rio Linda’s neighborhoods and covered hundreds of community meetings and community events every day. 

Some of us have internalized the national media’s narrative of a broken Rio Linda. We aim to change that by celebrating our neighborhoods and chronicling the resilience of the people who fight every day to make this town a better place for all.

We believe that all neighborhoods deserve to be covered in a meaningful way. We amplify positive stories, show up to development and local school meetings and serve as watchdogs in our neighborhoods that are often ostracized by traditional news media. 

We don’t parachute in once to cover a story. We are in the neighborhoods we cover every day building relationships over time with neighbors. We believe this ground-level approach not only builds community but leads to a more accurate portrayal of a neighborhood.

We’ve built this loyalty by proving to folks that we are not only covering their neighborhoods, we’re actually part of them.


  • Facebook followers: 12,000
  • 2020 website pageviews: 141,000
  • 2020 website unique visitors: 70,000

With over 70,000 visitors viewing nearly 142,000 pages per year, The Rio Linda Messenger is the best way to reach the local Rio Linda, Elverta, and Northern Sacramento County residents you need to help your business thrive.


The Rio Linda Messenger/Rio Linda Online won the Sacramento A-List “Best Local Blogger” category in 2016 and won the “Best Local News Source” category in 2018.

We were also honored with a proclamation from the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors in 2018.


We’ll work with local businesses to fit any budget on a campaign that can include:

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  • Giveaways or other possibilities.

Any ad campaign also provides access to our robust Facebook and Twitter communities.

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$50 per quarter.

We offer the 300×600 very large ads on a case by case basis; they don’t always work with the design, they take up a lot of real estate, so they are priced accordingly. Contact me for more information.

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