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Shortly after 8pm last night, Metro Fire got a call for a vehicle into a building at 2nd Street and Sunview in Rio Linda.

Witnesses say the driver was attempting to turn donuts in the 2nd and Evcar intersection, but lost control and went through the fence, through the backyard and into the house at 6511 Sunview Way.

The black Mustang driver exited the vehicle and was picked up by another person driving another Mustang before law enforcement arrived.


No one was injured inside the house, but there was significant property damage to the house and fence.

According to CHP, the suspect has not yet been found.

Witnesses and commenters on Facebook have said that this particular vehicle has been seen driving erratically and doing donuts all over town, and was seen doing donuts in front of The Klip Joint at 7th Avenue and Front Street shortly before this accident happened.

(I can tell you from personal observation that this driver does donuts at 2nd and Withington Ave. almost nightly.)

This incident comes on the heels of two sideshows under the arch at Rio Linda Blvd. and M Street, one happening just 3 weeks ago. In that situation, out of the hundred plus people attending, two vehicles were impounded; a black convertable Mustang and a Dodge Challenger.

It also comes days after a man was seriously injured during a sideshow in Natomas. Austin Dubinetskiy, had to undergo brain surgery. In that situation, officers issued two citations from the sideshow and towed one car.

On April 13, CHP responded to a sideshow in South Sacramento involving approximately 150 cars and 300 people and resulted in a collision with a California Highway Patrol vehicle. That resulted in just four arrests.

The City of San Francisco has proposed legislation that requires anyone caught participating or facilitating a sideshow to surrender their vehicles for 14 days on first offense, 29 days on the second offense. Sacramento County currently has no such policy.

Via James Kopsa