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Editorial: Parade Rules are in Place for a Reason

RLE Christmas Light Parade organizer Tabitha Worth offers this editorial regarding the 2019 event:

I want to thank everyone for participating in the 4th Annual RLE Christmas Light Parade! We had so much fun seeing you all out there! ❤

Rules and safety precautions are implemented for good reason. Two of those rules are PRIMARY and have been since the second year of the event in 2017:

  • We DO NOT THROW CANDY for safety.
  • We CLOSE THE ROADS for safety.

With all of the good and the positives of this amazing community event come some negatives. Last night we had an accident immediately following the parade.

While our volunteer group was cleaning up the trash from the event last night, one of them was struck and rolled by a car in front of Archway Market. This volunteer suffered a broken shoulder and torn ligaments & tendons in his leg. This happened as a direct result of individuals who decided to move barricades out of the way and to ignore the road closure. Because of this act, we had an accident.

What if this had happened to a child and not a full-grown adult? What if this had cost someone more than a broken shoulder? Haven’t we seen enough accidents, and endured enough tragedy on M Street?

In years to come, at events to come; Not only the Christmas parade, but the Little League parade, and the Farmers Market and the Country Faire, please pay attention to the rules. Please pay attention to the traffic laws. Please, just pay attention.

The rules are there for a reason. To keep us all, your children, family, friends, and loved ones, safe.

John Todd
Born and raised in Rio Linda, graduate of Rio Linda High School, and resident for most of the last 50 years. Committee Chair for the Rio Linda Elverta Visions Committee, announcer for the Rio Linda Little League Parade, Keeper of the Archway Lights, and outspoken advocate for the community.