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Farm Days at the Dry Creek Ranch House

The nasty, nasty weather we’ve had held off on Saturday and spared the visitors to the annual Farm and Tractor Days at the Dry Creek Ranch House in Rio Linda.

The wind was an unwelcome guest, and the day was overcast, but it didn’t stop anyone from coming out to visit the ranch house, see the exhibits and learn a little about the history of the Rio Linda / Elverta area.


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  • Enjoyed all the pictures, spent 10 years on the Rio Linda Fire Dept.., worked out of the Vineland Station and than out of the 34’th & Elkhorn station, Also had truck 3 stationed on my ranch for a number years. Lots of fond memories. Looking forward to attending the 100 year celebration, will be arriving in the area October 4, as I now live in Gig Harbor WA.
    God Bless….Herb.

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