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Final Sac County Redistricting Draft Map Now Available

Sacramento County has made the final draft map available on its Redistricting Draft Maps webpage.

For her part, District 4 supervisor Sue Frost worked diligently and held fast on the idea that Rio Linda and Elverta should remain together and that Rio Linda should be reunified within district 4, not split between D4 and D1.

In an effort to make all the population numbers similar in each district, Frost ended up adding North Highlands to District 4 as well, unifying Rio Linda, Elverta, Antelope, and North Highlands in D4 for the first time possibly ever. Shown below is the newly defined District 4, outlined in heavy black lines. The old borders are the dashed red lines.

Sacramento County’s Geographic Information System (GIS) team will be responsible for verifying the district lines as determined by the Board of Supervisors and comparing it to the district lines, Census blocks, and legal boundary descriptions for all jurisdictions in Sacramento County, including cities. This is to ensure all areas of the County are assigned to a Supervisorial district and the proposed revisions follow existing district exterior boundaries. 

The Board of Supervisors will adopt the final map at its Dec. 7 Board meeting at 2 p.m.

If the GIS team finds any discrepancies from a district’s legal boundary or a census block that may have been inadvertently omitted from the draft map, revisions will be documented and made, and the revised map would be made available for public review by Nov. 30, allowing time for the public to review prior to adoption on Dec. 7. 

The public submitted more than 200 written comments containing suggestions for redistricting and supervisorial boundary lines. The public also submitted their own maps for consideration, either hand-drawn or drawn using the mapping tools available

Every ten years, following the Census count, the resulting census data is used to geographically define electoral districts, at all levels of government, through a process called redistricting. Redistricting ensures that each of the electoral district boundaries has about the same number of people and comply with the Federal Voting Rights Act of 1965. 

Redistricting is important because it determines which neighborhoods and communities will be grouped together for the purposes of electing a Board member.

Visit Sacramento County’s redistricting webpage for information about redistricting, including the redistricting process, written public testimony, meetings and workshops, a timeline and more.