A fresh set of plans for one of the first subdivisions in the recently annexed panhandle area have been submitted to the City of Sacramento.

The Panhandle is the 589-acre greenbelt area west of East Levee Road, between Elkhorn Blvd. and Del Paso Road. It was annexed away from Sacramento County in May of last year by the City of Sacramento, in an action that was loudly contested by Rio Linda Elverta residents and supporters of the Rio Linda Elverta Recreation and Parks District. The annexation has stripped thousands of future tax dollars away from the RLERPD.

According to the Sacramento Business Journal, a map for 40 acres has been recently submitted by Burrell Consulting Group.


The map consists of 158 home sites with parks and open spaces. This is revised from a map submitted in December, which detailed 177 home sites. Another map for a different development with 250 homes will be submitted shortly.

The Centene campus under construction nearby is driving sharp interest in the area.