Mosquito populations in the surrounding area are on the rise. The rice fields near Elkhorn Blvd in North Natomas are currently being drained and the mosquitoes that tend to harbor in this source are flying for several miles seeking other available stagnant water sources.

Unfortunately, this means that residents in the area are seeing a significant increase in the amount of mosquitoes around their homes.

Please be aware that the problem may likely intensify as the rice is cut and harvested. Vector Control routinely sprays the rice fields as part of their ongoing mosquito control program and this provides relief from the mosquitoes.


In the last few days they have received many requests for home service inspections. Please note that in order for a property to be sprayed for mosquitoes, you must provide a mosquito sample.

As we head into Fall and temperatures continue to cool down, you will see a decrease in mosquito populations. For more information please visit us at