PG&E Replacing Rio Linda Gas Pipelines through October

PG&E distributed a letter to local homes and businesses today, informing residents that they will be upgrading a portion of the natural gas distribution system on many local streets beginning in June and going through the Fall.

Streets they will be working on include:

  • Cherri Lynn Avenue
  • Leewill Avenue
  • Beemer Way
  • Kenora Way
  • 2nd Street
  • West 2nd Street
  • West M Street
  • Birnam Street

This work will begin in late June and continue through late October.

Weather and other factors affecting safe working conditions may change their schedule. If work will be taking place on your property, a local PG&E Representative will contact you prior to the start.

What you can expect

PG&E will assess and replace a portion of your natural gas distribution lines, most of which are the located under the street or on private property. This work may involve upgrading your gas meter.

Prior to the start of work, and to ensure PG&E has adequate space to safely install the gas lines away from other underground utilities, a qualified contractor will determine the sewer service location and use a video camera to inspect it.

PG&E may also need to prune or remove vegetation in order for crews to safely complete thier work.

During construction, you may see PG&E trucks and other equipment. All personnel are required to carry valid photo identification and are happy to provide identification upon request.

While they empty the lines for replacement in a controlled and safe manner, you may hear a loud, steady noise and smell a small amount of natural gas. This is normal while crews are working, but PG&E encourages anyone with concerns to call 1-800-743-5000.

In order to ensure your safety while PG&E connects the new line, a temporary service interruption may be necessary. They will notify you should there be any interruption in your gas service and will schedule a gas relight with you at your convenience.

You can also schedule a gas relight by calling 1-800-743-5000.

Your local contact if you have questions

Please contact your local PG&E representative, Sean Valdez at 916-386-5036 or send an email Thank you for your patience as we enhance the safety and reliability of your natural gas system.