Matt Hedges, Sue Frost’s chief of staff, posted a step-by-step process for those who would like to see some traffic calming in their community. I’ve reposted it here for safe keeping:


Ever wonder to yourself how you can get speedbumps for your neighborhood in Sacramento County? It’s actually an easier process than you may think:


Step 1) E-mail Lupe Rodriguez, he manages the speedbump program. rodriguezl@saccounty.net

Step 2) Lupe tells you if speedbumps are a good idea there. Most of the time he agrees. Sometimes, like when emergency vehicles use that road, he disagrees.

Step 3) Assuming you get the stamp of approval, you will get mailed some petitions.

Step 4) You go out and convince your neighbors to sign the petition.

Step 5) After you get enough signatures, the County send houses secret ballots where they vote on it.

Step 6) If it passes with a high enough percentage of the vote, it gets put into a shortlist that we work through on a yearly basis.

Step 7) Speedbumps!

Easy peasy. Thanks Matt!