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Redistricting is Extremely Important for Rio Linda Elverta. Here’s Why.

You now have less than one month to determine the future of Rio Linda Elverta within Sacramento County.

Every ten years, following the Census count, the fresh census data is used to define electoral districts through a process called “redistricting”. Redistricting ensures that each district has about the same population and complies with the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965. 

Redistricting is important because it determines which neighborhoods and communities will be grouped together for the purposes of electing a board member who will represent their wants and needs within the county government.

Q: We have a mayor. Why are we concerned about what happens in the County?

A: Rio Linda and Elverta are not cities. We are unincorporated, census-designated places within Sacramento County. We are governed by the County of Sacramento. The district we are currently assigned to, District 4, is represented by Supervisor Sue Frost. Sue is the closest thing we have to a “mayor”. Our Honorary Mayor is just that… Honorary, and chosen by a process overseen by the Chamber of Commerce as a fundraising event.

At left: Supervisor Sue Frost, Parade Coordinator Tabitha Worth, and yours truly.

This is particularly important to the people of Rio Linda and Elverta because the redistricting process could have RLE added to a new district that may not be the best fit for our community. Rio Linda and Elverta could be split apart, not as now, where the southeastern portion of Rio Linda is in District 1, but a full split placing Rio Linda in District 1 or 3, and Elverta in District 4.

We may be assigned to District 1, with Supervisor Phil Serna. D1 begins north of Sacramento International Airport, continues southeast through Natomas and Arden Arcade, and the Downtown Sacramento grid, all the way south to Watt and Florin Road.

Can you imagine Rio Linda/Elverta trying to get any attention from the disparate cacophony of voices and neighborhoods as part of that district?

We could be assigned to District 3, and Supervisor Rich Desmond, which stretches from Watt and Antelope Road, south to the CSUS/Campus Commons area, and East again to just past Hazel Avenue.

In fact, both Serna and Desmond made a play for the Rio Linda/Elverta areas at the most recent redistricting meeting.

“Rio Linda Elverta has a very strong community identity and spirit. District 4 has communities with strong identities, just like us. We have now been through four years of having two supervisors for the first time in history and we don’t like it. We are united and wish to remain united under one Supervisor in District 4.”

The redistricting process continues Saturday with a virtual workshop at 1 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 6 which will directly be concerned with the draft redistricting maps, and is critically important for the Rio Linda community to participate in.

Choose an option to participate and/or watch the meeting as follows:

Join Via Zoom: Click the link to join the Zoom webinar Webinar ID: 338999
Join Via Phone: Dial: (669) 254-5252 Webinar ID: 160 985 4340

Videos of each public hearing/workshop will be available afterwards on the meetings webpage for the public to view at their convenience.
The County is encouraging all interested stakeholders to provide their input on these draft maps in any of the following ways: 

Upcoming Board Meetings/Workshops

  • ​Nov. 6, 1 p.m., Public Virtual Workshop (First Round Draft Maps)
  • Nov. 16, 6:05 p.m.,​ Board of Supervisors Meeting (Second Round Draft Maps)
  • Nov. 17, 2 p.m., Board of Supervisors Meeting (Second Round Draft Maps)
  • Dec. 7, 2 p.m., Board of Supervisors Meeting (Final Adoption of Maps)

Visit Sacramento County’s redistricting webpage for information about redistricting, including the redistricting process, written public testimony, a timeline and more. 

Sacramento County residents are encouraged to participate in the redistricting process. Residents can sign up for Redistricting news stories, information and upcoming meetings via email or text.

People can also view past and upcoming meetings at the Redistricting Meetings webpage and are encouraged to check in for additional upcoming workshops and hearings. 

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