Are you one of the many Sacramento County residents who have taken to the miles and miles of Regional Parks’ trails during the pandemic? The trails within the parkway system offer excellent opportunities for hiking, biking and horseback riding, and whether you are an experienced trail user or new trail user, we want to make sure you are enjoying them SAFELY.

Here are some tips to help you do just that: 

  • Pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Bikes are not allowed on unpaved trails outside of the off-paved cycling area.
  • Horses are only allowed on the equestrian trails.
  • Pedestrians should use the left shoulder of paved trails when available.
  • Make yourself known.
    • Bikers – use your voice and/or bells to let others know you are approaching.
    • Horseback Riders – call ahead and communicate to other trail users how to approach.
    • Hikers/Walkers/Runners – make eye contact with other trail users. Don’t be afraid to say “hello!”
  • Make sure you can hear other trail users. This may mean limiting the use of headphones/earbuds.
  • Know who has the right of way. Those traveling uphill and horses have the right of way.
    • If traveling downhill on a narrow path, step aside to allow uphill traffic to pass. 
    • When necessary, travel single file​ and do not block the trail. 
  • Watch your speed. The MAXIMUM speed on Regional Parks’ multi-use trails is 15 mph. If you can’t see well ahead of you, slow down!
  • All dogs must be on leashes. Leashes must be no more than 6 feet in length. 
  • Yield to horses and don’t crouch. Horses are naturally skittish animals; always ask for permission before approaching or touching a horse. 
  • Obey all posted signs. 
  • 911/311. If you require emergency assistance, call 911.  For non-emergencies, you can call 916-875-PARK (7275) or make a report through 311.

To help ensure that trail users know the rules, Regional Parks’ maintenance staff has worked with the Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps to replace signage and add stencils to parts of the Jedediah Smith Memorial trail. These stencils have been painted from mile marker 0 to mile marker 16. The next phase of this project will continue out to mile marker 22.5 and will also include the south trail from Sacramento State to Watt Ave. 


For more information on safely enjoying your regional parks, visit the Regional Parks website