Do you own rental property? Sacramento County’s Code Enforcement Rental Housing Inspection program routinely audits all residential rental properties within the unincorporated area of Sacramento County to help ensure rental units are safe and meet the requirements of the Health and Safety Code.

Through the Rental Housing Inspection Program, all rental property owners are required to register their property with Sacramento County Code Enforcement and either opt for self-certification, if eligible, or request a County inspection of the property.

If self-certification is chosen, the property will receive an audit that is conducted by Sacramento County Code Enforcement. The first audit may occur as soon as the property owner registers the rental to help determine compliance with County inspection provisions. Subsequent audits will be conducted every five years or sooner if code violations are visible from the exterior of the property or if the County receives a complaint concerning code violations at the property.


Code Enforcement Chief, Barry Chamberlain, said, “Our officers and staff are dedicated to helping educate property owners, managers and tenants about County code provisions, as well as enforcement when there are violations. By working together to promote safety, we can maintain a high quality of life for residents and preserve our communities.”

In coordination with the Rental Housing Inspection Program, the California Apartment Association (CAA) – Sacramento Valley provides a Self-Certification training course that is available for rental owners, or for those, such as property managers, conducting self-certified inspections on behalf of the rental owner.

The Code Enforcement website states that along with rental owner responsibilities, tenants are also required to do their part to maintain clean and sanitary conditions in their units. Tenants must also inform the property owner/landlord/manager of damage or health and safety issues, and allow access to make necessary repairs.

When there are unresolved rental housing problems, residents can report a possible code violation online, or call 3-1-1 or (916) 875-4311. The County’s Code Enforcement Division will open a case and will provide the property owner the opportunity to correct the situation and comply with current codes. Tenants and landlords seeking help with disputes, legal advice or other housing related information and regulations can find helpful resources on the Sacramento County Fair Housing web portal.

Code Enforcement Rental Housing Inspection Program Video
Code Enforcement created an informational video for rental property owners to learn about the rental inspection program, rental property registration and audit process.

Code Enforcement Rental Housing Inspection Program Contact
Call 916-876-9020, or email, for information about the Code Enforcement Rental Housing Inspection Program.

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