As your new Board President, the Board and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Happy 2018 New Year and introduce and welcome our new General Manager!

Tim Shaw comes to RLECWD with a considerable amount of relevant experience in the public water agency industry. Tim has worked for public agencies (SMUD and OPUD) for over 30-years.

Tim proudly served as General Manager for Olivehurst Public Utility District (OPUD) for the past 13-years.


Throughout Tim’s career, he has maintained an impressive level of professional certification including licenses for water treatment and distribution as well as laboratory analyst and utility management. These considerable standards in profession development enable Tim to comfortably and effectively communicate with community members and consumers regarding water
issues, including the most recent and emerging issues, e.g. Hexavalent Chromium, as well as the legacies within those issues. Such correspondence is clearly one of Tim’s passions and will serve well in his new role as General Manager at RLECWD.

Another quality gained through experience which Tim brings is from working with developers and community partners. In the first two years as the GM at OPUD, the population served more than doubled. Explosive growth such as this brings with it a myriad of challenges. Interacting with developers and correlating the District’s entitlement processes with our community partners is a key component to Tim’s professional skill set.

Tim has clearly demonstrated his passion for protecting the current ratepayers and taxpayers from the costs associated with development. Tim likes to imagine himself as a customer of RLECWD, and further imagine how he would feel if he learned his service charges were being used to help a developer make money. This is not to conclude that Tim is anti-development. Tim has also experienced the positive attributes to development and is committed to ensuring that the community benefits associated with development are realized to their fullest potential.

Lastly (but certainly not least), Tim is a family man. He has been happily married to his wife Fonda for 34-years. They have two wonderful daughters. Tim’s devotion to family spills over into his professional life. Tim recognizes that he spends a considerable percentage of his time at work, and he has recognized the value of the close-knit, supportive RLECWD employees; employees who also clearly share Tim’s commitment for customer service.

Mary R. Harris President, Board of Directors
Rio Linda – Elverta Community Water District