Mary Harris President, RLECWD Board

Spring is here! The weather is changing, flowers are blooming, and March Madness is in full swing…we are definitely getting a pretty wet month.

We are happy to report the progress we’ve recently made in addressing Hexavalent Chromium mitigation projects. The District recently finalized a planned loan with very favorable terms to complete two vital hexavalent chromium mitigation projects. The District expects to finalize the designs and begin the bidding process for construction in the near future.

We’re also happy to report the successes under our General Manager Tim Shaw’s leadership of several cost saving measures to reduce the operating expenses for the District. We’ve revised the District Engineer’s contract, transitioned some of our service accounts to government accounts, which entails a savings over the previous services contracts, and we’re looking to do more of the same.


A good example is the fuel service for District vehicles, which formerly entailed paying of Federal Excise Tax. Our new program precludes such tax and yields a savings to the District ratepayers.

Staff has coordinated meetings with our region’s elected officials to continue our pursuit of grant funding and other programs to benefit our community.

In closing, I want to remind our ratepayers that one of the many benefits of local governance at the neighborhood level is accessibility. The community we serve is always welcome to attend and participate in our regularly scheduled public meetings, not only to gain knowledge, but more important, provide input to the process, or you may want to stop by the District office and meet Tim Shaw our new General Manager and ask any questions you might have.

Mr. Shaw is very approachable, and you will receive a warm welcome and a reasoned response to your concerns.

Mary R. Harris President, Board of Directors
Rio Linda – Elverta Community Water District