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Rio Linda Woman Attacked By Her Own Pit Bull – CBS13

A Rio Linda woman was attacked by her own pit bull on Monday morning.

She was attacked and bitten right on the forearm, according to one neighbor, on K Street.

It got the attention of one neighbor.

“Heard a lot of screaming,” Charlie Smith said.

Smith saw the aftermath after the pit bull attacked its owner. “Part of her whole arm hanging off, chewed the arm, wrist. It was bad,” he said.

According to Smith, after the attack the woman ran home to get help and the pit bull took off and was on the loose.

“It looked like it was foaming at the mouth when I found it, so I don’t know if it was from what had happened,” he said.

The pit bull was spotted a few blocks away on Oak Lane.

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John Todd
Born and raised in Rio Linda, graduate of Rio Linda High School, and resident for most of the last 50 years. Committee Chair for the Rio Linda Elverta Visions Committee, announcer for the Rio Linda Little League Parade, Keeper of the Archway Lights, and outspoken advocate for the community.


  1. Prayers to the victim from a mother of a pit bull attack victim. Hope she gets the support and education she needs to not make this same mistake again. Luckily this dog didnt attack any one else and i hope they put it down so it doesnt do this again.

  2. It is well known that those people beat that dog repeately to make it mean. I say poor dog ! ! ! She got what she deserved.

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