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Rio Linda’s Top 3 Restaurants? You be the Judge.

Wondering where to find the best restaurants near home in Rio Linda?

The Mess has crunched the numbers to find the best restaurants in Rio Linda, using both Yelp and TripAdvisor data and our own secret sauce to produce a list of the top three spots to venture next time you’re on the hunt.

#1 Taqueria Mi Lindo Apatzingan

Leading off, the highest rated local restaurant on Tripadvisor is Taqueria Mi Lindo Apatzingan in the Rio Linda Shopping Center at 928 Oak Lane in Rio Linda.

Via Joey Baxter on Facebook

The Woodland Daily Democrat said “Don’t let the plastic tableclothes or the informal decor deter you. This is casual Mexican cooking at its best. There are plenty of excellent Mexican eateries in this category in the Sacramento area, but this humble joint in Rio Linda soars above all challengers with food cooked with skill, a sense of tradition and great passion.

Of course, the real rockstar here is the mighty molcajete, a dramatic soup/stew-type dish, it’s the most popular item on the menu at Mi Lindo Apatzingan. Paddles of roasted cactus, or nopales, hang over the edges of the bowl, and the broth bubbles and steams as it is set down on the table. Steak, chorizo, chicken, beans, onions, salsa, cactus all combine into something greater than the sum of its parts.

Like Chando Madrigal, Rio Linda resident and owner of Chando’s Tacos, I too uttered certain profane phrases while in the thrall of devouring this dish – none of which can be printed in a family newspaper. But my mouth was too full for anyone to understand – or be offended by – what I was saying.

Blair Robertson, SacBee Food Reviewer

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#2 Original Granite’s

Following up is Original Granite’s at 6749 Rio Linda Blvd in Rio Linda.

Via Chuck M. on Yelp

This blue-collar, greasy-spoon drive-in bastion of hangover food is the highest-rated restaurant in Rio Linda on Yelp, boasting 4.5 stars on 85 reviews. 

Jay B. of Rancho Cordova says “I have never had any of their wings because I am not really a fan of chicken wings in the first place, but their pastrami and cheesesteak sandwiches are super delicious!  I also like the onion rings and chili cheese fries.  I would try a burger if I lived closer or was going to eat there, but the sandwiches seem like they sit better for my somewhat long-distance home!!”

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#3 Creekside Diner

Last but certainly not least, a Rio Linda favorite anchors the list. The Creekside Diner at 950 Oak Lane in Rio Linda has been in business under one name or the other for over 40 years and generations of Rio Lindans have eaten country gravy-smothered country fried steak and eggs, patty melts and gallons upon gallons of coffee.

Via Adrian C. on Yelp

According to Rob L. from Sacramento on Yelp, “The restaurant is located in a really nice area in Rio Linda, feels like a small-town diner in the South.  The staff is friendly and you feel welcomed here.  Don’t expect fancy, but rather “homestyle” breakfast.  It’s like eating breakfast at your grandparents’ house.  Great prices, huge portions, and friendly staff.  We will be back for sure.”

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