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RLERPD Announces “Park Watch Report” App

Do you walk in our parks? Do your children play in our parks? Do you come to the parks to play pickle ball, watch a ball game, walk your dog? If so you are the perfect person to use the Park Watch Report. 

On Monday, October 1st the Rio Linda Elverta Recreation and Park District will be joining the Park Watch Report to create more eyes on our parks. 

The Park Watch Report, is an application that you can find in the Apple Store and Google Play that is free to download. This app will allow you, out Park user, to report issues and challenges in the parks. If you see an unsafe hazard by a playground you can send an alert electronically. If you notice a leaking sprinkler or damaged shrubbery and trees you can send an alert to us electronically.

The Park Watch Report is not 911. If you come across a situation that requires the Police or Fire then please call 911 directly. 

The Park Watch Report allows you, our park user, to keep the Park District informed of areas of importance that we may have missed during routine maintenance. This app will allow you to electronically send us a report so that we can all work together to keep our parks safe and beautiful. 

The app is free and we will have a representative from the Park Watch Report at the Country Faire on October 6th to answer questions about this new interactive program. 

The more people that use the app, the more eyes we will have on our parks. Please download the app as the Rio Linda Elverta Recreation and Park District will be online by October 1st. 

For more information please contact Mike Heller at the Park District. He can be reached at or by phone at 916-991-8110. 

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