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Sacramento County Sheriff Department Crime Reports for February 2020

These are the crimes reported to the Sacramento County Sheriffs Department in Rio Linda and Elverta for February of 2020.

Per the Sheriffs Department, this data is produced via a set of processes involving many different systems. No representation is made or implied regarding the accuracy of the data made available here.

2020-00381512/2/2020 15:008500 Block of Gibson Ranch Park RdElvertaHS 11377(A) Possession Of Controlled Substance
2020-00411852/4/2020 20:007600 Block of Milldale CirElvertaPC 166(A)(4) Violation Of Court Order - Willful Disobedience
2020-00425252/5/2020 18:057300 Block of 8th StRio LindaPC 243(E)(1) Battery:Spouse/Ex Spouse/Date/Etc
2020-00414152/5/2020 23:306100 Block of Dry Creek RdRio LindaPC 245(A)(4) Assault w/ Deadly Weapon w/ Force: poss GBI
2020-00431652/6/2020 09:51700 Block of M StRio LindaPC 148(A)(1) Obstruct/Resist/Etc Public/Peace Officer/Emergency Med Tech
2020-80016362/6/2020 14:532100 Block of Elkhorn BlvdRio LindaPC 530.5(B) Using Another Person's Identifying Info
2020-00432832/6/2020 14:576600 Block of W 2nd StRio LindaHS 11350 Poss Narcotic Cntl Sub
2020-80016372/6/2020 15:016800 Block of Dry Creek RdRio LindaPC 530.5(B) Using Another Person's Identifying Info
2020-00472152/8/2020 04:302400 Block of Rhine WayElvertaPC 273.5(A) Inflict Corporal Injury On Spouse/Cohabitant
2020-00475072/9/2020 12:50Hayer CirRio LindaHS 11377 Unlawful Poss Of Dangerous Drug
2020-00536612/15/2020 11:457800 Block of Electric AveElvertaPC 207(A) Kidnapping
2020-00565232/15/2020 18:201100 Block of Q StRio LindaPC 236 False Imprisionment
2020-00565752/15/2020 19:41200 Block of Quadra AveRio LindaPC 459 Burglary
2020-00569642/16/2020 08:006000 Block of 16th StRio LindaPC 602(K) Trespass:Injure Property
2020-00574402/16/2020 16:548500 Block of Gibson Ranch Park RdElvertaPC 597(A) Cruelty To Animals:Maim/Mutilate/Torture
2020-00578872/17/2020 05:30800 Block of M StRio LindaPC 459 Burglary
2020-80016782/18/2020 02:047300 Block of Dry Creek RdRio LindaPC 594(B)(1) Vandalism ($400 Or More)
2020-00595102/18/2020 11:20300 Block of Savoy AveRio LindaPC 487 Grand Theft
2020-00617562/19/2020 21:536800 Block of 7th AveRio LindaPC 273.5 Inflict Crpl Inj Sp/Cohab
2020-00627612/20/2020 15:03400 Block of W Elkhorn BlvdRio LindaPC 459 Burglary
2020-00638822/21/2020 13:377800 Block of Electric AveElvertaPC 459 Burglary
2020-00660252/24/2020 08:3520th St & Q StRio LindaFG 5652 Place/Etc Pollutant Near State Waters
2020-00689122/25/2020 20:188500 Block of Gibson Ranch Park RdElvertaPC 69 Obstruct/Resist Executive Officer
2020-00690702/25/2020 22:006500 Block of Sunview WayRio LindaPC 243.4(A) Sexual Battery
2020-80020622/26/2020 13:222200 Block of Carbine CtElvertaPC 653M Harassment By Telephone
2020-00701952/26/2020 14:297900 Block of 8th StElvertaPC 215(A) Carjacking
2020-00700122/26/2020 15:206500 Block of Beamer WayRio LindaHS 11377 Unlawful Poss Of Dangerous Drug
2020-80021342/28/2020 14:217300 Block of Rio Linda BlvdRio LindaPC 459 Theft of vehicle parts
2020-00738132/29/2020 04:43Q StRio LindaPC 245(A)(1) Force/Assault With A Deadly Weapon-Not Firearm:Gbi Likely
2020-80021882/29/2020 08:28500 Block of Delano StElvertaPC 484G Thft:Use Access Card Data
2020-80021892/29/2020 15:517200 Block of Manuel StRio LindaPC 484G Thft:Use Access Card Data
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