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Sacramento County Sheriff Reported Crimes for June of 2021

These are the crimes reported to the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office in Rio Linda and Elverta for April 2021.

These are the crimes reported to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office in Rio Linda and Elverta for June 2021.

  • Per the Sheriffs Department, this data is produced via a set of processes involving many different systems. No representation is made or implied regarding the accuracy of the data made available here.
  • Copies of Crime Reports are available to the public for purchase. HOWEVER, you have to meet the requirements set forth in existing law.
  • Pursuant to the Government Code section 6254, the Sheriff’s Department does not disclose the victim’s information when the following crimes of the California Penal Code are reported: 220, 261, 261.5, 262, 264, 264.1, 273(a), 273(d), 273.5, 286, 288, 288(a), 289, 422.6, 422.7, 422.75, 646.9
  • The Sheriff’s Department started using a Records Management System (RMS) for Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) in January 2007. The RMS manages all crime and incident reports for the Sheriff’s Department. These data files only go back to January 2007.
  • NOTE: Between April 2021 and June 2021 the Sac County Sheriff altered the way they were creating and distributing this information. The crime penal codes are listed, but the descriptions are no longer included.
6/2/2021 0:00ELKHORN BLVD / CHERRY LNRio LindaHS 11377
6/2/2021 0:007000 Block of 10TH STRio LindaPC 530.5(B)
6/3/2021 0:00500 Block of W ELKHORN BLVDRio LindaPC 166(A)(4)
6/4/2021 0:002400 Block of SANTINA WAYElvertaPC 487(A)
6/4/2021 0:00DRY CREEK RD / CURVED BRIDGE RDRio LindaSCO 9.36.058(C)
6/5/2021 0:007100 Block of SHINGLE WOOD WAYRio LindaPC 166(A)(4)
6/6/2021 0:007400 Block of 10TH STRio LindaPC 422
6/9/2021 0:007500 Block of 10TH STRio LindaPC 245(A)(1)
6/9/2021 0:007000 Block of 28TH STNorth HighlandsPC 459
6/10/2021 0:008500 Block of GIBSON RANCH PARK RDElvertaPC 594(B)(1)
6/10/2021 0:00700 Block of O STRio LindaPC 273.6
6/10/2021 0:006500 Block of SUNVIEW WAYRio LindaPC 594(B)(1)
6/11/2021 0:00300 Block of WILLIS AVERio LindaPC 459
6/11/2021 0:00800 Block of M STRio LindaPC OWF
6/13/2021 0:00ELKHORN BLVD / RIO LINDA BLVDRio LindaPC 247(B)
6/14/2021 0:006900 Block of 9TH AVERio LindaPC 243(E)(1)
6/14/2021 0:007200 Block of DORADO STRio LindaPC 653M
6/14/2021 0:00Q ST / 26TH STRio LindaPC 487(A)
6/15/2021 0:002500 Block of ELKHORN BLVDRio LindaPC 459
6/16/2021 0:00100 Block of WITHINGTON AVERio LindaPC 503
6/17/2021 0:005800 Block of W 6TH STRio LindaHS 11378
6/17/2021 0:006100 Block of 26TH STRio LindaVC 10851(A)
6/17/2021 0:006500 Block of BEAMER WAYRio LindaPC 530.5(B)
6/18/2021 0:00ELKHORN BLVD / LINDA LNRio LindaPC 215(A)
6/18/2021 0:006500 Block of BEAMER WAYRio LindaPC 530.5(B)
6/19/2021 0:00200 Block of JUBILEE WAYRio LindaPC 459
6/20/2021 0:00300 Block of WILLIS AVERio LindaPC 459
6/21/2021 0:006900 Block of CORONATION CTRio LindaPC 273.5
6/22/2021 0:00500 Block of K STRio LindaPC 484
6/22/2021 0:007300 Block of 6TH STRio LindaPC 484G(B)
6/23/2021 0:001600 Block of I STRio LindaPC 166(A)(4)
6/24/2021 0:007700 Block of ELWYN AVEElvertaPC 484
6/24/2021 0:00ELKHORN BLVD / 26TH STRio LindaVC 2800.2(A)
6/24/2021 0:006800 Block of FRONT STRio LindaVC 22669(a)
6/24/2021 0:0026TH ST / ELKHORN BLVDRio LindaPC 484
6/25/2021 0:001800 Block of ELKHORN BLVDRio LindaPC 484
6/26/2021 0:008500 Block of GIBSON RANCH PARK RDElvertaPC 484
6/26/2021 0:002500 Block of ROTTERDAM DRElvertaPC 484
6/26/2021 0:00N ST / 7TH AVERio LindaVC 14601.1
6/26/2021 0:007000 Block of DRY CREEK RDRio LindaPC 484
6/27/2021 0:006600 Block of 14TH STRio LindaPC 273.5(A)
6/27/2021 0:00Q ST / 18TH STRio LindaVC 22651(b)
6/29/2021 0:005800 Block of W 6TH STRio LindaPC 487
6/30/2021 0:006600 Block of W 6TH STRio LindaPC 594(A)
6/30/2021 0:00ELKHORN BLVD / CHERRY LNRio LindaPC 21810
6/30/2021 0:00ELKHORN BLVD / CHERRY LNRio LindaPC 29800(A)(1)
6/30/2021 0:00600 Block of CORAL SUN CTRio LindaPC 530.5(B)
6/30/2021 0:00400 Block of ELKHORN BLVDRio LindaPC 484

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