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Teens Arrested For Alleged Attempt To Murder Mother, Brother

Two teenagers from California were arrested last week for allegedly attempting to murder their mother and younger brother.

The Sacramento Bee reported that one of those arrested was a 16-year-old boy and the other is his 13-year-old brother from Elverta. Their mother and 10-year-old brother have been hospitalized after the attack and are reported by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office to be in critical condition.

Both teenagers are said to be homeschooled and have now been transferred to the Sacramento County Juvenile Hall for attempted homicide charges. Their mother and younger brother were taken to two different hospitals, both in critical condition. The mother was taken to Mercy San Juan Hospital while their younger brother is at the UC Davis Medical Center.

According to SSO reports, the deputies received the first call at 10:45 a.m. on September 27 from one of the brothers regarding the attack. The actual recording of the call has been published by CBS Sacramento and revealed that the boy who called actually “wants to turn himself in.”

CBS described the call as “chilling” as it details the “violent confrontation” that took place in the home of the teenagers. One of the boys who called 911 admitted that he attacked his own mother and brother. The dispatcher said the caller is “a male says he 187’d somebody and he wants to turn himself in.” The dispatcher also said the boy has admitted that “he hurt his mother and she was losing a lot of blood.”

“The male gave the phone to a female who said her son stabbed her…and beat her in the head and she has to go to the hospital. The 16-year-old is holding up the cell phone for his mother to speak, the mom is holding her neck. The 16-year-old is saying he will cooperate with the officers but he needs to be next to his mother to hold the phone for the mom.”

911 Dispatcher

The two teenagers belonged to a family of seven. The father and the young daughter were not at home during the attack, nor was the eldest son who was away in college.

A neighbor, Linda Hargreaves, recounted seeing the father and the young daughter jump out of the same side of their semi-truck after arriving in their home only to transfer into their car. She expressed devastation that something like this could happen in their “quiet neighborhood.”

“It’s so hard to tell what the triggering episodes are or what the problem is. It’s just devastating that this kind of thing happens…that we have kids who are troubled enough to be violent in their homes,” she pointed out.

Neighbor Linda Hargreaves

Hargreaves disclosed that she would often see the teenagers with their mother wherever she goes. The teenagers would often greet their mother when they were out with the dog and the family would also greet her whenever they see her.

The neighbors were reported to be really shaken by the incident and really are puzzled at what drove the teenagers to attack their mother and younger brother.

As of now, there is still no information on the motive of the attack, and members of the family have remained silent as well.

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