Rio Linda restaurants have received nearly $200,000 of the $28.6 billion federal Restaurant Revitalization Fund to help them recover from the effects of restrictions imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

The grant program was announced in late April and businesses and applied through the Small Business Administration, which also administers the grant funds. The program used up its entire allocation closed earlier in July.

The federal government is distributing $28.6 billion total dollars to 101,004 food and beverage-related business throughout all 50 states and territories. Those businesses can include restaurants, bars, caterers, food stands, trucks or carts, bakeries, brewpubs, wineries, and distilleries.


California got the most grants with 15,988 establishments receiving a total of $5.7 billion

In total, Rio Linda restaurants received $184,272. They are:

  • Henry Virga of Hickory Hank’s Barbecue, $93,108
  • Julia Draper of Creekside Diner, $52,593
  • Qilian Xu of Villa Fat Cuisine, $38,571

Restaurants, breweries and caterers can use the money to cover costs like previous rent, mortgage and payroll, but it must be used by March 2023. 

You can find the full, searchable database here.