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Would You Like to Help During a Local Emergency?

​If you would like to help during emergencies such as flooding, public health events, or a hospital surge, consider training in any one of the local volunteer organizations that mobilize when needed, including the Sacramento Medical Reserve Corp, the Regional Center for Volunteerism, and the Community Emergency Response Teams.

“All local governments depend on volunteers during disasters,” said Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services Chief Steve Cantelme. “Volunteers provide critical service during events that augment the work of first responders and help save lives. If you are interested, there is an organization that will meet your needs and skills.”

Generally preparation includes training and meeting prior to an emergency. There are opportunities for medical professionals, teens and students.

Sacramento Medical Reserve Corp

The Sacramento Medical Reserve Corps organizes active and retired medical and support volunteers, including doctors, nurses, and non-medical members, to support emergency responders in a disaster event such as: public health disaster, weather emergency, warming/ cooling centers, triage, flu shot clinics, first aid stations and other emergencies that could affect Sacramento County.  If you would like to be a part of volunteer health team that is helping people during their time of need, learn more and join Sacramento Medical Reserve Corps!

The Regional Center for Volunteerism – HandsOn Superior California

HandsOn Superior California works with individuals, businesses, community groups, nonprofit organizations and public agencies to transform good intentions into good works. HandsOn connects more than 8,000 volunteers a year to a variety of projects that serve many areas of interest.  In disasters, HandsOn is designated by Sacramento County as the clearinghouse for spontaneous, unaffiliated volunteers in times of disaster or emergency and manages disaster volunteer programs.

The HandsOn California Emergency Volunteer Corps is composed of pre-trained, volunteers who, in the event of disaster, would be called-upon to assist with coordinating spontaneous unaffiliated volunteers in disaster. Outside of disasters and emergencies, Emergency Volunteer Corps members may participate and provide support for other activities such as: local disaster drills, public health events, cooling/heating centers during extreme weather events, and emergency preparedness trainings.

The Community Emergency Response Teams, or CERT, manage and train volunteers to respond in disasters. CERT is a program of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and training topics include:

  • fire safety
  • light search and rescue
  • team organization
  • disaster medical operations.

If you are interested in becoming part of an emergency response team, saving lives and supporting emergency personnel, contact any one of the organizations listed and get started on your training.

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